And my purpose is to help you achieve your growth, reach and revenue potential.

As a fellow YouTube Creator, I love making video content and know how rewarding this job is.

Also, as an SEO website developer since 2000, I understand how vital a website is to excelling in a YouTube brand, expanding influence and growing a business.

As I browsed the internet it quickly became apparent to me YouTuber Creators were struggling with their websites. Most had one, but it was outdated (this made sense because I know how much time video content creation takes!) or it did not meet the minimum 5 things I believe every YouTuber website must-have for success.

To solve this problem I created Creator Go Live, a website platform to relieve busy YouTubers from the time-consuming job of website maintenance and provide the necessary built-in functionality unique to YouTubers that want to grow their brand and exposure.

Then, based upon my 20 years of experience I included additional tools I knew would help YouTube Creators reach their potential faster and sustain their business growth. 

Are you ready to reach your potential?

Randi Thornton, Founder

Randi Thornton - Creator Go Live Founder

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